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Praise for Alison's pilot project


Samples taken from Alison's end-of-project questionairre, highlighting the enthusiasm and postitive reactions

to the project.


Would you tell us if the project has helped you or not helped you? How?


  • Yes, it has helped with self-esteem. It was a good experience…nearly three weeks have passed

since the performance and I still feel excited thinking about it.

  • It has helped me to identify the source of my phobia with playing the piano.

  • It helped me as it enabled me to do something I’d long wanted to do. As someone totally new

to singing/performing, it took some getting used to just using a mic, being on stage, having an

audience, working with musicians etc. It was a learning experience from start to finish.


Do you feel there have been any changes in you now, compared to when you began the project?


  • It has given me the opportunity to change. I didn’t think that would happen. I had to listen to

what people wanted where sometimes my idea wasn’t an option. (from a musician working as part of the supporting band)

  • I am more confident to sing in front of people now and hope to keep up the vocal warm-ups to keep improving.

  • My belief in the ability of shared music-making to enable people to feel confident, believe in and enjoy themselves when otherwise they may have difficulty has been strengthened.

  • I certainly have a better understanding of how singers and musicians can work together.

  • My voice has improved, also my timing. I sing a lot more when others are around.


Has this project had any other impact (positive or negative) in other areas of your life?


  • I felt a bit guilty spending time away from my family but realise it’s good to have a bit of independence.

  • It has helped working with a group of people and helped me to be more tolerant.

  • I have made more friends and feel more a part of the community.

  • It’s good to have a goal, to beat your fears and see it through. Encouraged me to sing more and consider a song at an Open Mic Night somewhere!

  • I want to be more creative and maybe I can.

  • My daughter has loved being able to see it all going on.


















  What was the finale night like for you?


  • I’m missing it already. It was like a film. I watched and just had to watch it again for the enjoyment I had.

  • Excellent! Great atmosphere. I felt quite special and excited and unbelievably not nervous. I felt a bond between all of us.

  • Great fun. I felt proud of everyone.

  • Excellent and moving.

  • It was a brilliant night for everyone concerned. It was brilliant to see each person improve over the weeks. Having felt sick with nerves myself, as soon as it was over I wanted to sing it again! Other people said the same. The [venue] looked brilliant on Finale Night and the crowd were very encouraging. Lovely atmosphere.

  • AMAZING. Everything worked out PERFECT. Very exciting!

Musicians at Alison's pilot project

Participants of Alison's pilot project

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