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If you or your organisation are interested in creating a unique project, or for any further information about our work, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Some of our projects require careful safe-guarding and are attended by invitation only.

If you are a participant or invitee of a particular project please contact your relevant charity or organisation for all details.

We cannot publish or give out information about venues for rehearsals or performances.

Event Information

Contact us...

PLEASE NOTE: Contacting us through our website will require you to provide us with contact information so that we can reply to your messages. By sending a message via our website you agree that we may make use of your contact information for this purpose. We will not share such contact information with any third party or make use of your contact details for marketing purposes unless you have expressly requested that we do so. All such contact information will be reviewed annually and will be deleted once deemed obsolete.

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