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In 2007 Alison organised an event in which 20 people who had no previous performance experience participated in weekly rehearsals culminating in a live performance in front of their friends, family and the public. Alison’s aim was to develop their self-confidence as well as their musical abilities and those who could play an instrument as well as sing were invited to join a band of session musicians for the show. The results were inspiring: participants were calling for the project to be made a regular event with more rehearsals and bigger venues. All felt that they had gained a better appreciation of music but also that their self-esteem had improved significantly.


In 2014 Alison met Michael when she joined a local community choir that he was setting up in Hastings, East Sussex. After watching how he developed a group of "shower-singers" into a choir performing four-part harmony songs with confidence and joy, she approached him to collaborate on taking the Time To Shine Project forwards. Realising the enormous potential for music to bring people closer, express themselves and grow, Michael and Alison believe that each project should bring together people who have experienced (or are experiencing) similar challenges in a performance that is unapologetic, celebratory and inspiring.


With our combined skills and experience we can create what we believe to be an exciting and unique opportunity for the individuals taking part in the Time to Shine Project.


To read more about the formative elements that inspired the Time to Shine Project, please take a look at the amazing responses Alison received for her Pilot Project and the enthusiastic comments from some of the members of Michael's Choirs.

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