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Imagine the scene…

It’s the finale night of a unique and transformative music programme. You are sitting amongst a very moved audience, clapping madly at what you have just witnessed. Looking up to the stage, you can’t quite believe how these amazing people have had the courage and strength to perform their favourite songs on stage….in front of all of us.

Welcome to The Time to Shine Project

Our vision is to bring together individuals who are all currently experiencing similar challenges in their lives to create a musical showcase in which they feel safe, confident and proud of themselves - and each other. This is a chance for anyone who has ever dreamed of performing but who has never had the opportunity or the confidence. Through music we aim to restore each participants’ faith and respect in themselves and realise who they can be for themselves and within their community. Please take a look at the Project page for more details.

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We believe that a final performance is not only the ultimate hurdle but also the ultimate achievement. We want our performers to feel safe, confident and secure and our concerts to be celebratory and inspiring. Each of our projects is specifically tailored to the needs of the organisation and clients that we are collaborating with, whether that includes a small performance for friends and family, a public showcase, a professional recording... or even a music video!

With the combined skills of our experienced instructors, we can deliver a unique and life-changing experiences for participants...and make a dream come true!

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We are experienced in working with...


Domestic violence

Drug and alcohol services

Probation services

Youth offending teams

Prison services


Mental & physical health organisations

Long-term & chronic illness support

If you believe we could be of benefit to your organisation or charity then we would love to hear from you! Please contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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