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Revival - Singing For Mental Wellbeing

Revival, Food & Mood was set up as a self-funded social enterprise by Mind in Bexley and East Kent in 2016. It is run as a community café and mental health hub in Whitstable for families, young people and adults. They strive to support the community with free, accessible mental health support and information in calm, inclusive and inviting surroundings with great food & music.

  • The Time to Shine Project has partnered with Revival to deliver a 12-week singing project to complement their programme of activities that support mental health in the local community.

  • The project commenced on 9th April 2024 with Laura Gillham leading a group from the local area in a fun and uplifting singing session.

  • These sessions will continue to run once a week over the 12-week period with members of the local community invited to join.

  • We have already received excellent feedback from the first session and look forward to sharing more detail as the project progresses.

Revival Project 1_edited.jpg

Seaview (Pilot project)

Seaview is an open access centre in Hastings, East Sussex that provides a range of support services to help marginalised people with addiction problems, mental health issues, ex- and at-risk offenders and rough sleepers to achieve personal growth and fulfilment.

Seaview (Pilot project)
  • Participants gained a remarkable range of new skills, including improved time-keeping, taking responsibility for their involvement within a group, reduced use of alcohol and other substances, overall improvement in both mental health, physical health and confidence

  • By demonstrating dedication and a good work ethic during the project, some went on to be offered employment at the Seaview Centre

  • The final performance night helped reduce stigma and improve understanding and respect for marginalised individuals within the community

“Music and other arts can be really important in rediscovering hope and the possibility of reconnection with life and community. The Time to Shine Project team understand this completely. […] I saw the work of The Time to Shine Project build and showcase latent talent but, even more importantly, build morale and confidence in a uniquely unconscious but truly valuable manner.”

- Annie Whelan, previously CEO The Seaview Project, Hastings

Seaview (Follow up project)

Seaview (Follow up project)

The team were invited back to expand on the success of the pilot project.

  • Participants involved in the original pilot project were invited to take on mentoring roles for new participants

  • Overall there was a significantly greater increase in confidence levels and other positive outcomes compared to the original project, demonstrating that recurring projects can be even more valuable

  • Even greater response from the community - final performance sold out with people willing to stand for the night to support the Seaview Choir

  • A local Elvis impressionist was inspired to host a fundraising event for The Time to Shine Project, and invited the Seaview Choir to sing some backing vocals with him, which they loved

  • A local professional opera singer volunteered to continue mentoring the choir and still does so four years later

“Cannot describe how well the Seaview Choir did at their Gala Performance yesterday! The audience were dancing in the aisles and more than a tear was shed! What an amazingly talented bunch. Thank you to The Time to Shine Project for bringing out the best in them and helping them realise the full potential they have inside. That’s what it’s all about.”

Comment on Seaview Facebook page

Young Adult Carers

Young Adult Carers

Care for the Carers is a charity and carers centre for unpaid carers in East Sussex.

We help, support and give guidance and information to carers who are looking after someone. An important part of their work involves running support groups, events and activities for carers in East Sussex.

It was important to the young adult carers to spread a message about the support that is available to others across the country. Rather than focussing on preparing a gala performance they chose to write and record their own song, which was then featured on local and BBC Radio stations.

A final performance was arranged in a low-key setting, with friends, family and representatives from both The Time to Shine Project and Care for the Carers in attendance.

“After 6 months of working with Michael and Alison from the Time to Shine Project, the group of Young Adult Carers that they worked with fed back that they felt more confident in themselves and proud of what they had achieved.  It’s not every day that they were given the opportunity to write and perform a song and create a music video that would be shared across the world.  The change in each of the participants was palpable and it was amazing to see the impact it had on them, both as individuals and as a group. Thank you, Time to Shine!!”

Rachel Hesterbanks, Young Adult Carers Activities Coordinator, Care for the Carers, East Sussex

NHS Choir (Kent)

NHS Choir (Kent)

KCHFT asked us to form a staff choir as part of their ongoing commitment to improve mental health and wellbeing.

In full they are the Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust Staff Choir

  • The choir performs at annual events such as the Staff Awards Ceremony and AGM

  • Videos of the choir have raised awareness for various campaigns, such as LGBTQ History Month and a special Grieving event held online.

  • The video shown above has received more than 100,000 views and was even retweeted by Keala Settle who sang the song in the original movie, The Greatest Showman

  • KCHFT are now reaching out to other NHS Trusts within the South East of England and inviting them to join and experience the same benefits 

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