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Our Vision

Support - each other to succeed in new challenges

Inspire - a joy in singing and a positive outlook

Nurture - new skills, relationships and opportunities

Grow - in confidence to find true self-worth

To work with individuals who have had or are experiencing challenges in their lives, developing self-confidence, self-respect, trust and self-belief through high-quality music projects leading to inspiring performances in front of an appropriate audience.


  • To develop musical skills, confidence and self-awareness

  • To encourage trust, respect, collaboration and teamwork

  • To inspire motivation and determination to succeed

  • To promote understanding and empathy across all groups within the wider community

  • To provide a supportive and positive environment


  • That everyone should feel safe, secure and supported throughout their journey with

    The Time to Shine Project

  • That everyone should be proud of who they are and can be an inspiration to others

  • That everyone should be treated with equal respect and courtesy regardless of background, gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, abilities or appearance; in full accordance with the Equality Act 2010

Values and beliefs:

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